I-9101 Intelligent Combination Heat/Photoelectric Smoke Detector

    Intelligent Combined Optical and Heat Detector, without base 

    ☆Combining all the features of the I-9102 Optical and the I-9103 Dual Heat Detector to provide the ultimate cover for life safety systems

    ☆Ideal alternative to Ionization detectors

    ☆LPCB Approved

    ☆Operating Voltage: 24VDC

    ☆Operating Current:

                     Standby Current: 0.8mA

                     Alarm Current: 5.0mA

    ☆Operating Environment:

                     Temperature: -10℃ +50℃

                     Relative Humidity: 95%

    ☆Dimensions: Diameter 100mm, Height 56mm    

EXW Price: USD23$