GST-NRP01 Network Repeater Panel

  Active Repeater with Full Function Control. Compatible with  GST200, GST200-2, GST5000W, GST5000F, GST5000 and GST-IFP8, corresponding Loop Network card required for different panels


    ☆  Provides remote control of system

    ☆  Password protect access levels

    ☆  Flush-mount or Surface-mount structure

    ☆  Functional control of network panels

    ☆ Standard: EN54 Part 2/4

    ☆ Operation Voltage: 24VDC

    ☆ Standby Power: 9W

    ☆ Maximum Power: 13W

    ☆ Operation Environment:

                         Temperature: 0℃ +40℃

                         Relative Humidity: 95%

    ☆ Dimension: 390mm x 270mm x 100mm