I-9103 Intelligent Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector


   ☆ Fixed Temperature and Rate of Rise Heat Detection

   ☆ Aesthetically pleasing low profile design

   ☆ 8 Bit intelligent processor with A/D converter

   ☆ Electronically addressed

   ☆ With Remote Indicator output

   ☆ Twin LED for 360o vision

   ☆ LPCB Approval


Technical Specifications

☆Operating Voltage: 24VDC

☆Operating Current:

          Standby Current: 0.8mA

          Alarm Current: 5.0mA

☆Operating Environment:

           Temperature: -10℃ +50℃

           Relative Humidity: 95%

☆Detector Class: A1R

☆Dimensions: Diameter 100mm, Height 58mm