I-9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector

 Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector with 4 pieces Reflectors, Capable used as Conventional detector, Fire and Fault signal relays available, 24VDC required, Detection Range 8-100 Metres (Certificated by LPCB)

   ☆Range 8 -100 Meters

   ☆2 selectable levels of sensitivity adjustment

   ☆Compatible with conventional Panel

   ☆Ideal for Atriums, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Airport Terminals, etc

   ☆Simple and cost effective installation of transmitter and reflective ‘honey comb’ mirror

   ☆Quick and easy to set up and align with visual green LED indication that flashes faster or slower subject to signal strength. Replace the cover and the detector will self calibrate to the required level

   ☆LPCB Approved

   ☆Operating Voltage: 24VDC (15V~28V)

   ☆Operating Current:

        Power Current:

        Commission current≤ 20mA

        Standby current≤ 12mA

        Alarm current≤ 22mA

        Loop Voltage: 24VDC (15VDC - 28VDC)

        Angle of Adjusting -6°to +6°

        Maximum angular misalignment ±0.5°

        Sensitivity Level: Level 1: 1.61dB

                                       Level 2: 2.31dB

   ☆Operating Environment:

    Temperature: -10°C - +50°C

    Relative Humidity≤ 95%, non condensing

    Maximum monitoring area: 14×1001400

    Maximum width: 14m

    Length of Optical Pathway: 8m - 100m

    Ingress Protection Rating:

        IP20 without glue-seal

        IP66 through glue-seal treatment

    Material and Color of Enclosure: ABS, gray

    Dimensions: 206mm X 95mm X 95mm

    Weight: 450g