Dry Powerder Fire Extinguishers

Best For    

Can be used on fires involving organic solids, liquids such as grease, fats, oil, paint, petrol, etc but not on chip or fat pan fires. Can also be used on gas fires.    


Safe on live electrical equipment, although does not penetrate the spaces in equipment easily and the fire may re-ignite. This type of extinguisher does not cool the fire very well and care should be taken that the fire does not flare up again.
Smouldering material in deep seated fires such as upholstery or bedding can cause the fire to start up again. Do not use on domestic chip or fat pan fires.There is danger of inhalation if powder extinguishers are used within buildings. Due to this, and the potential for powder to impair vision, powder extinguishers are no longer recommended for use within enclosed spaces.    

How to Use    

Point the jet or discharge horn at the base of the flames and, with a rapid sweeping motion, drive the fire towards the far edge until all the flames are out. If the extinguisher has a hand control, wait until the air clears and if you can still see the flames, attack the fire again.    

How it Works    

Similarly to almost all extinguishing agents the powder acts as a thermal ballast making the flames too cool for the chemical reactions to continue. Some powders also provide a minor chemical inhibition, although this effect is relatively weak. These powders thus provide rapid knockdown of flame fronts, but may not keep the fire suppressed.


Cylinder Length280mm315mm444mm510mm
Extinguisher Weight2.0kg3.7kg9.3kg13.7kg
Filling Weight1kg±0.05kg2kg±0.06kg6kg±0.12kg9kg±0.18kg
Temperature Range-30℃~+60℃-20℃~+60℃-20℃~+60℃-20℃~+60℃
Max Work Pressure18bar18bar18bar18bar
Test Pressure29bar29bar29bar29bar
Min Wall Thickness0.8(mm)1.07(mm)1.25(mm)1.3(mm)
Fire Rate8A 21B C13A 34B C43A 233B C55A 233B C
Packing Size29.5×20×36cm
CertificationBS EN3-7BS EN3-7BS EN3-7BS EN3-7

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