Foam Fire Extinguishers

Best For    

Fires involving solids and burning liquids, such as paint and petrol but not suitable for chip or fat pan fires. Safe on fires caused by electricity if tested to 35kV (dielectric test) and a 1m safety distance is adhered to.    


Do not use on chip or fat pan fires.    

How to Use    

For fires involving solids, point the jet at the base of the flames and keep it moving across the area of the fire. Ensure that all areas of the fire are out. For fires involving liquids, do not aim the jet straight into the liquid. Where the liquid on fire is in a container, point the jet at the inside edge of the container or on a nearby surface above the burning liquid. Allow the foam to build up and flow across the liquid.    

How it Works    

They are mainly water based, with a foaming agent so that the foam can float on top of the burning liquid and break the interaction between the flames and the fuel surface.    

Model6L JR06-01 
9L JR06-02 
Out Diameter160mm180mm
Cylinder Length444mm510mm
Extinguisher Weight9.3kg14kg
Filling Weight6kg﹢0
Temperature Range0℃~+60℃0℃~+60℃
Max Work Pressure16bar16bar
Test Pressure29bar29bar
Min Wall Thickness1.25mm1.3mm
Fire Rate8A 55B C13A 70B C
Packing Size17.5×17×55.5cm19.5×19×62cm
CertificationBS EN3-8BS EN3-8

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