EN Standard Turnout Gear JR EN01

Firefighter uniforms complies with EN standard, for body protection. 

With flame-retardant, water-proof & breathable, thermal-resistant, anti-static and strong indentification performance, is suitable for firefighters in the fire fighting and rescue working condition, protect fireman's body and limbs from getting hurt. 

Excellent heat radiation performance in the general fire condition, can do a long time protect firefighters fighting, but in dangerous circumstances, should use water gun to protect,should avoid direct contact with flames and melten metal.

• Product name: Turnout Gear

• Outer shell: 93% meta-aramid, 5% para- aramid, 2% anti-static

• Moisture barrier: aramid needlefelt, PTFE, PU

• Thermal barrier: meta-aramid, p-aramid

• Comfortable lining: meta-aramid, FR viscose

• Color: Navy blue

• Damaged length: ≤100mm

• Afterflame time: ≤2s no melt, no drip

• Afterglow time: ≤2s

• Tensile strength: ≥450N

• Tear strength: ≥25N

• Heat resistance: 180C 5mins shrinkage<5%

• Resistance to water penetration: ≥20kPa

• Ventilation volume: ≥5000g/m224h

• Weight: ≤3.22Kg/set

• TPP value: ≥35cal/cm2

• Standard: EN469: 2005

• OEM: fabric composition/ logo printed according to your requirements

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