EN Standard Fireman Helmet JRHY

  • A firefighting helmet protects the firefighter’s head from falling objects or banging their head accidentally. At the front of the firefighters helmet there is a visor which could be adjustable to protect rescuer’s face from the heat and sparks. 

  • Firefighting helmet give the professional firefighter the most up-to-date and modern form, provides very high level of protection against the main risks encountered in  structural firefighting operations, heat, flame, shock and electrical hazards. 

  • Manufactured from reinforced composite material, the firefighting helmet offers the perfect combination of safety, balance and wearer comfort.

  • Korean style, half-helmet, good economy and protection.

  • External faceshield, easy to maintain

  • Lightweight and flexibility which make it also a good solution for other operations such as road traffic collision rescue, road clearance.

  • Comfortable, high-performance face protection with excellent coverage, clear and good coating.

  • Extended thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hazardous conditions.

  • Thick flip up polycarbonate shield of optical grade.

  • Shell Material: High temperature polyetherimide (PEI)

  • Screen visor material: high-grade polyetherimide fiber

  • Headband material: Aramid fiber / FR cotton, adjustable

  • Color: yellow, white for option

  • Flashlight (for option): anti-explosion type, up to 8 hours use time, 16000MCD, waterproof, shockproof

  • Weight: 1.05 kg/piece

  • Packing: 6 pcs perfectly packaged in a 67*37*57 standard carton box

  • OEM&ODM: original manufacture / logo and pattern available (MOQ: 1000pcs)

  • Production standard: European EN443: 2008


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