EN Standard Firefighter Helmet JRH-

• Firefighter's Helmet provides protection against sharp objects, solids, corrosive liquid material, radiant heat, flames and electric current to the damage of head and face. Helmet double lens protect firefighters from the face and eye injuries. It has sufficient strength and energy absorbing system, it has the buffer and absorption effect to the external shock.

 Shell Material: Imported high-strength Polyamide

• Screen visor material: heat-resistant PC

• Headband material: Aramid fabric, adjustable

• Shock absorbing system: made of polyurethane

• Color: yellow / red

• Helmet torch: can be equipped for option

• Max. impact force: ≤ 3347N

• Self-extinguish time: < 5 s

• Heat resistance: 260°C, 5 min, no deformation

• Electrical insulation property: 2200V (AC)

• Face shield transmittance: ≥ 69%

• Weight: 1.2 kg

• OEM&ODM: original manufacture / logo and pattern available (MOQ: 1000pcs)

• Production standard: European EN443: 2008

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