EN Standard Fireman Helmet JRH-2Y

 A firefighting helmet protects the firefighter’s head from falling objects or banging their head accidentally. At the front of the firefighters helmet there is a visor which could be adjustable to protect rescuer’s face from the heat and sparks.

• Product name: Fireman Helmet

• Shell Material: imported high temperature polyetherimide (PEI)

• Headband: aramid material, adjustable

• Full pretective shell with neck pretection

• High strength and wear resistant PC Face shield

• 4-strap head harness for adjustable

• With reflective tapes on the both sides

• Color: yellow, red for option

• Flashlight (for option): anti-explosion type, up to 8 hours use time, 16000MCD, waterproof, shockproof

• Standard: NFPA1971: 2007, EN443: 2008

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