EN Standard Firefighter Gloves JRGL-B

Firefighter gloves offer fireman a high level of heat resistance and protection against other risks including falling fragments and harmful chemical risks. 

We offers an inherently flame-resistant blend of non-chemically treated performance fibers that provide outstanding heat-blocking qualities. Tested to European standards, firefighter gloves safeguarded by Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) up to 30 cal/cm2.

• Product Name: Leather Firefighter Glove

• Outer shell: Flame retardant leather

• Moisture barrier: aramid felt with PTFE membrane

• Thermal barrier: aramid felt

• Comfortable lining: membrane system laminated to 100% interlock knitting para-aramid fabric

• Features: full leather and elastic wristlets

• Reflective tape: with yellow-gray-yellow tapes

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