ESFR Early Suppression Fast response Fire Sprinkler

The nozzle has a k=363 flow coefficient and the special design of splash water dish, make a large diameter nozzle jet, high-energy droplets and sphere form is under water. This feature makes the water droplets in the cooling by fire early formation of hot air at the same time can penetrate the flame, direct cooling burning body, therefore the nozzle to protect high crib warehouse goods have special advantages. The nozzle is mainly used to protect the most ordinary materials coated or no effect of packaging, including cartons of plastic foam products, such as maximum lift goods is 12.2 meters, can also be used for cylinder packaging paper products and  the use of rubber tire warehouse.

  • Size: ESFR-363/74(101)℃ Early Suppression Fast Response fire sprinkler

  • Flow rate K factor: K = 363

  • Diameter: DN25 Connection screw: R1”

  • Max working pressure: 1.2 Mpa

  • Working temperature: 74

  • Installation way: pendent/ upright

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