Vertical Type Foam Bladder Tank

Foam bladder tank, together with ratio controllers, form a balanced pressure proportioning system used to mis water and  fire fighting foam together to generate an effective extinguishing medium.

The bladder tank technology is a mixing method allows the water /foam ration to remainstaable by automatically adjustting to the varible flow rates na pressure conditions that may occur during system operations. This feature  makes baldder tanks particularly suitable for multiple hazard systems, sprinkler systems and any oher systems operating under variable, non predictable, flow and pressure conditions.

  • Design Pressure: 175PSI (12.1Bar)

  • Test Pressure: ≥ 251PSI (173Bar)

  • Design Metal Temp: 10~50℃

  • Actuation: Mamual or Electrical

  • Mixing ration selector: 3% or 6%

  • Higher wall thickness: 6/8/10mm

  • Capacity: 500 liter to 130000 liter

  • Configuration: Horizontal or Vetrical

  • Flow rate: 8-260L/S

Temperature limitations normally come from foam concentrate and water.

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