Self-Inductor Foam Monitor

This product is a new type of multi-functional fire extinguishing equipment that is resistant to high pressure and high strength materials. The stainless steel nozzle is diversion-type.

Principle design, large flow, concentrated flow, long range, multi-function, can be used as a foam gun and can be used as a multi-purpose gun for water cannons.

According to the requirements, it can be adjusted within the range of (24-64L/S). The operation is flexible and convenient. The gun body can be turned horizontally and tilted, and it can be achieved.

The position locking function facilitates the evacuation of the operator and the implementation of unmanned operation. Can be equipped with a variety of fire engines, fire boats, fixed fire Guns, towers and fire lines.







 Flow Rate(L/S)






 Working Pressure(MPa)


 Max Working Pressure(MPa)


 Jetting Range(m)













 Horizontal Rotation Angle(°)


 Max Elevation(°)


Min Depression(°)


Foam Expansion  


 25% Drainage time(min)


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