FM200&NOVEC1230 Filling Machine

The filling machine can fill both FM200 and Novec1230, It has the advantages of fast filling speed, high work efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, compact structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, simple operation, accurate measurement and high degree of automation. 

  • Voltage: AC380V/50HZ; 

  • Vacuum pump function: 1.5kw; 

  • Vacuum pumping speed: 12L/S; 

  • Liquid filled pump power: 1.5KW; 5.

  • HFC-227ea  Filling speed: >5kg/min; 

  • FK5112 >8kg/min;

  • Working pressure:>0.5-10MPa;

  •  Weight: 220KG; 

  • Size: L*W*H: 1200mm*760mm*1400mm