System Sensor Manual Call Point Waterproof Case SAP-M001FS

SAP-M001FS manual call point waterproof case is designed for M400K,M500K, M900K series manual call points and J-SAB-M-M500KEIS EX-proof manual call point manufactured by System Sensor.
Outstanding Waterproof Performance.The waterproof case meets IP66 dustproof and waterproof class, which
effectively protect manual call point inside from influence of adverse factors such as external moisture, dust and corrosion to ensure a stable normal operation. It is applicable to tunnel, metro, ship, petrochemical and other occasions that need high level IP protection.
False Operation Protection. With high-strength engineering plastics applied, the product protect manual call point from external physical impact. At the same time, the manual call point can only be triggered after upper cover of the waterproof case is opened. Therefore, it effectively prevents false operation from outside of the case.


●External dimension: 145mm×135mm×82mm

●Maximal external dimension of waterproof joints assembled: 167mm×135mm×82mm 

●Dimension of transparent window area: 75mm×88mm

● Maximal dimension after the upper cover is opened: 286mm×135mm×151mm 

●Maximal opening angle of the upper cover: 145°

● Shell material: bottom shell: transparent PC; upper cover: ABS Shell color: bottom shell: fire alarm red; upper cover: clear transparent ●Applicable embedded case: 86mm embedded case 

● Applicable wire diameter: 8mm-14mm

●Weight: 180g (only weight of the waterproof case)

●Range of operating temperature:-25℃ to 80℃

●IP class: IP66

●Standard configuration accessory: PG16 waterproof joint 2 sets
ST4.2×25 self-tapping screw 2 pieces 6×30 fish expansion tube 2 pieces